Skin Show is perhaps one of the most easiest way to sell things in the Western World. However, the Middle East doesn’t believe in the same philosophy. In countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran, the authorities make sure that their women residents don’t indulge in show of skin and strictly follow Islamic tradition.

When those steamy ad images are to be released in public, they need to be toned down first. And with Photoshop, things have got a lot more creative. They are covered in the layer of shame and are presented to their extra ‘Sanskari’ residents.


Here are some of the best, the worst, the funniest, and the creepiest photo shopped images which reveal that the Middle-East restrictions don’t spare even Shakira and Rihanna.

1- Haha, instead of covering the mother, they preferred to get her divorced and marry her off to Winnie the pooh


2- It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female, you just need to be fully covered.

3- Christina looked better with more rose petals. But perhaps better Photoshop skills would have sufficed.

4- The kitten would have been happier after this

5- Well, it just destroyed the original beauty

6- Lady Gaga is not at all Sanskari for them

7- Wish they could have instead fixed her big shoe. She looked absolutely sumptuous.

8- Well, they could have used a better color combination.

9- Smoky trousers? Seriously? Could have done it better.

10- Atleast it’s done better than the others. Covering her legs was fine but why her busts?

11- When your mom forcibly makes you wear big clothes

12- Looks like they forgot to cover the baby

13- Even Britney herself would have been ashamed of it

14- Guess they forgot to omit ‘stripped’.

15- Katy still looks a princess!