This Man Explained How Traffic Police Takes Advantage Of Unaware Citizens


How often does it happens when people take advantage of us being not aware of something important. But it breaks our heart when the people who are assigned to check if laws are followed properly takes advantage of common people. Yes, we are talking about Police and Traffic Police!


A similar incident took place on 29th January 2018 in Aurangabad when Traffic Police tried to take advantage of a man named Nirmaan Dutta who was travelling from Bhilai in Chhattisgarh to Mumbai by his car.

His story has gone viral on Internet and it is very disheartening.


“At an unknown traffic signal, one of the three policemen (V. B. Salve) called me aside and asked me to come out with a license, registration and other documents.” 

Despite of having proper documents, the Traffic Police asked him to pay Rs.700. He wrote:

“After checking the documents, I was asked to pay ₹700 as fine even though everything was proper. I was falsely accused of driving without wearing a seatbelt. I protested and asked for the resolution of the issue to which Mr. V. B. Salve along with Mr. K. K. Hiwale said, “redressal will happen in court on 7th Feb, and till then your Vehicle RC and Licence will be seized, only to be released after court’s order.”

He was ready to pay the amount but the Traffic Police did something horrible.

“To avoid the legal hassle I agreed to pay the amount as I had to reach Mumbai by evening.”

“But I refused to pay directly to them and demanded a legitimate payment receipt which infuriated them. Now they started threatening me to seize my car too when their harassment crossed the threshold, I started recording the matter through my phone. Afraid of getting exposed they threw my phone, not allowing me to record and assaulted me to retrieve the phone to delete the already recorded video, they tore my t-shirt and the challan copy.”

“I was told to take the challan and go to their concerned office to pay the fine in order to take back my seized documents.”

“I managed to escape due to the public gathering and was told to take the challan and go to their concerned office to pay the fine in order to take back my seized documents. It took me 2:30 hours to find that office with an unknown location in a totally unknown city. When I explained the whole incidence to their superior with video evidence, he started accusing me to tear up the challan(govt. document) on purpose. He also refused to pay the fine and threatened to initiate legal action against me until I pleaded my innocence and finally paid the fine after an hour of intense drama and with a stern warning of not escalating the issue further.”

“Finally, the whole incidence ended up extending my journey for more than 4 hours and a fine of ₹200.”
Yes, ₹200 was the actual fine that too I had to pay for a false accusation, I guess driving an outside Maharashtra vehicle made them consider me as a soft target.”
Here’s the video of the incident, have a look:

Good Job Nirmaan! Not Cool Traffic Police.
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