If you are living in New Delhi, then you must have seen people sitting on the floors of metros or so many times you might have sat crossed-legged on the floors of Delhi metro. We have so many times given our seats to people who actually needs the seats more than us. But you might not be aware of the fact that it’s also prohibited by law to sit on the floor in the metro. Commuters can be asked to de-board the train and even be fined for taking to the floor.


But still some people out of comfort and other because of helplessness sit on the floors of Delhi Metro.

Yesterday, a picture was posted on by Twitter user Sanya Dhingra. In the picture, a mother and her child sitting in the seats while the caretaker of the baby sat on the floor. In this case unlike the most of the case, the problem was not because of the unavailability of the seat.


In no time, the picture went viral. As soon as the picture started making rounds on the internet, it left several people angered and soon a debate on social media started.

Here’s how the Twitter reacted:

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