Day 4 Collections Of ‘Padmaavat’ Are Out And There Is An Unexpected Change In Numbers


Despite the clouds of controversies and violent protests, Padmaavat is taking long strides at the box office and the movie has now entered the 100 crore club. The movie did not pick up as much as it would have wanted and also failed to break Bahubali’s record for the first week’s collection but the movie has still managed to do well for itself at the box office.


The hype created about the movie by the uncalled protests and threats has actually made the audience more enthusiastic about the film. The controversy has rather yielded good numbers at the box office for the movie. The movie, however, contrary to all the controversies and fingers raised only puts the Rajput culture and history in limelight. The movie at no point in time puts the Rajput pride at stake.



After taking the silver screen on January 25, the movie had a long weekend to mark the first 4 days of the movie. The movie amassed 18 crores on day one and the earnings took a jump on Saturday as the total reached 80 crores. Then Sunday brought even more delight to the filmmakers as the movie collected 30 crores on Sunday and went past the 100 crore mark. The collection from the first four days stood at 112 crores.

Clearly, in terms of numbers as well as popularity, the film has had a great opening weekend and the filmmakers would be finally relieved after what all has been going around about the movie and the fact that the movie saw a very limited release in some states.

Here is the collection of the movie from first 4 days

Paid Preview: 5 crores

Day 1: 18 crores

Day 2: 32 crores

Day 3:27 crores

Day 4: 30 crores

The total earnings of the film from first 4 days stand at 112 crores and this number is bound to get better and better in the subsequent weeks.