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This Indian Couple Has Become An Inspiration For The World

Obesity has been an increased source of concern in every country for the last few years. The rate at which obesity is increasing throughout is picking up a matter of grave issue wherein health of individuals are being compromised. Even though, with the availability of fitness inspirations and body goals, it is never easy to give up your favourite sinful consumption and put your body through a rigorous journey of losing weight. Obesity is an issue that is the harbinger of all types of medical issues such as diabetes, pressure, heart conditions, arthritis and many more.

It has become more difficult in today’s time due to the high and easy availability of fast food. It is not possible to walk two lanes without spotting a fast food joint. It becomes almost impossible to keep a hold on your cravings when they keep on popping p in front of you. However, even though with the presence of such obstacles an Indian couple is on their way of creating a landmark.

A Marwari couple hailing from Rajasthan, Jodhpur City has put everyone’s eyes on them with their rapid and rigorous body transformation in a few months. The couple states that the best part about the regime was that they were in it together. They often had to motivate the other person to do another set of work out or it was on the other to stop the counterpart from going on a binge eating spree. The couple worked daily that to together, to finally reach and attain their body goal.

Aditya Sharma, the husband stood at a staggering 72 kgs and his wife Gayatri Sharma stood at 62 kgs when they decided to take the transformation seriously and work towards it. Aditya, who is a nutrition consultant realised it was time to put his advice to himself. The couple did not let the sly remarks from their family and friends affect them as they kept on bettering their health.

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