From John Cena to Hulk Rogan to Triple H to so many others.. today there are many great wrestlers who are followed and loved by millions of their fans. However, today in this article we will introduce you to a wrestler who is the real king of wrestling.


We are talking about none other than Gama Pehalwan, who at the age of only 17 years showed that he is the uncrowned King of wrestlers. Popularly known as Wrestler Gama’s real name was Ghulam Muhammad Butt.

Wrestler Gama was born in a family of wrestlers in Amritsar. He was only 10 years old when there was a bet as to who can do the most push ups at a function in Jodhpur. At the age of just 10 years, wrestler Gama was declared among the top 100 wrestlers of the world.


You will be shocked after knowing how Wrestler Gama used to prepare himself for a wrestler bout. Wrestler Gama used to wrestle with 40 wrestlers every day and his workout session used to consist of 5000 sit ups and 3000 push ups. His diet was also very strict and shocking, he used to drink 15 liter milk and a whole load of almond paste which he used to mix in a fruit juice and drink it.

At the age of only 17 years, he took the biggest decision of his life by challenging the then champion Rahim Baksh Sultaniwala. Rahim hailed from Gujranwala which is now a part of Pakistan.

Rahim Baksh was 7 feet tall whereas, Gama was a mere 5.7 feet. It was like a clash of titans. Rahim gave the young Gama a run for his money. And this bout proved to be a draw.

By 1910, Gama had defeated almost all the great wrestlers.Then he went to London but there he wasn’t allowed to participate in wrestling, therefore, he threw a challenge ‘Get three great wrestler of any weight category. I’ll throw them out within 30 minutes. ‘ but no one volunteered as everyone assumed he was joking. But then he said : “come on, if I lose I’ll pay the prize money and leave. ” And then one wrestler came after the other.  He threw the first one out in one minute fourty seconds. The second in 9 minutes 10 seconds.

In two days, Gama has trounced around international wrestler. And then Stanislaus Zbyszko who was among the best wrestlers in the world, he had a bout with him. This was a very tough bout. And Stanislaus was so tough that he was in the defensive position for almost 2.5 hours but he lost and Gama was declared the winner.

And then there was no stopping, he defeated American Benzamine Roller, France’s Maurice Deriaz, European Champion Johann Lemm, world champion Jesse Peterson and many more. Gama faced Rahim Baksh again and this time too he emerged out as the winner. His fame spread far and wide, and the prince of Wales gave Gama a silver maze.

In the year 1982, Gama again faced Stanslaus Zbyszko in Patiala. And this time Gama outdid himself. He beat Zbyszko in just 42 seconds. By this time he gained the title, ‘Gama, who never lost’.

After partition, Gama shifted to Pakistan and spent the last days of his life in Lahore, Pakistan. Although the government gave him land but he spent his last days in poverty.  One of his huge fans G.D. Birla started a monthly pension of 2000 rupees. Government too gave him a pension of 300 rupees per month. The government even volunteered to provide him with medicines as long as he lives. He died on 23 May 1960.

One of his greatest admirers was Bruce Lee, who was greatly impressed by the Gama style of wrestling. He adopted many of his exercise routines.

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