9 Laws Every Indian Should Be Aware Of


In the past few years, India has faced so many ups and downs in terms of Law. A lot of changes have been made to it. These changes are made according to the needs and safety of citizens of this country. These changes ensures the smooth functioning of our country.

Although, it’s very hard for any citizen to know every law the country has but a here, we bring you 9 laws that we think everyone should be aware of

  1. A woman can’t be arrested after sunsets and before sunrise:

According to the laws made by Supreme Court, a woman can’t be arrested before sunrise and after sunsets, unless police has a written arrest warrant with them.


2. A woman offender can only be arrested by women officers:

Adding more to the above law, in order to protect the privacy and decency, a woman offender can only be arrested by a woman officer only and that too between 6am to 6pm.

3. You can use the washrooms of any hotels and ask them for drinking water as well, for free:

An individual can use the washroom of any hotel or restaurant and can even ask them for drinking water for free, according to the Indian Sarais Act, 1867.

4. A pregnant woman cannot be fired from her job:

Recent changes in the law has made it more beneficiary for new mothers. Under Maternity Benefit Act 1961, a pregnant woman can never be fired from her job

5.  A woman can lodge an FIR at any police station:

According to Indian laws, a woman can lodge an FIR at any police station, irrespective of the place of crime.

6. Hugging or kissing in public is not an offence:

The next time someone caught you hugging or kissing in public, just be prepared. Hugging and Kissing in public is not a criminal offence. Under Section 294 of the Indian Penal Code, it is clearly written that “obscenity” in public is a crime, but there’s no hint towards kissing and hugging.

7. A woman can file a complaint even via an email or post to the DCP or Commissioner of Police:

Yes, our Indian laws want our women to feel the safest and even if they are unable to go to Police Station for some reason. A woman can always file a complaint through her email or registered post to the Deputy Commissioner of Police or Commissioner of Police.

8. There’s no law that state, that an unmarried couple can be denied for rooms in hotels:

The Hotel Association of India (HAI) has clearly stated that there’s no law that says that an unmarried couple can be denied to get a room in hotels.

9. Live-in relations are not illegal:

Yes, you read that right. There’s no law that says that Live-in relationships are illegal. Under the guidelines of Supreme Court, live-in relationships is not a crime and not just that, it also claims that a children born out of a live-in-relationship has all the rights to claim on their properties of their parents.