This Pretty Lady From Belarus Is World’s Most Hot Maths Teacher


A pretty blonde and beautiful lady from Minsk, Belarus has been branded as the world’s hottest maths teacher and she has got over 173,000 followers on Instagram. Oksana Neveselaya has become a web sensation after a video taken by one of her students went viral on the social media.


The teacher believes that ‘sensuality and intelligence go hand-in-hand’ and her photos and selfies on the internet leave no stone unturned to prove how hot and sexy she is.


In the video posted by her students, she is seen wearing a grey sleeveless dress and long sandals with the waves in her blonde hairs which can ensure men drowning in them. She addresses the class before turning to write on the blackboard.

She is currently travelling to Malaysia, and her breathtaking selfies on the social media have got her a lot of attention. Her FB page likes have gone up by more than 3000 in the last week itself.

On one of posts recently she captioned – “distance means so little when someone mean so much” broke many hearts for sure on the social media.

In March, Pietro Boselli was branded the world’s sexiest maths teacher which landed him into a modelling contract as well. She has started modelling for Armani as well.

She is not just a pretty face, but with brains as well.. he has a PhD in Mechanical engineering for university college London, one of the best in UK.


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Beauty and brains together is no doubt the deadliest combination ever.