Here, Know About The Richest Village In The World, Where Everyone Is A Millionaire


When we talk about villages in India, they are highly underdeveloped. Although, the conditions are improving in education and health sector but still it will take many years for our villages to get up-to-date with latest technologies and everything.

However, today in this article we are going to tell you about a village which is the richest village in the world named Huaxi Village in China. The village is so rich that every villager  is said to have one million yuan (Rs 1,07,82,656.74) in their bank accounts. And that’s not all, every family gets a car and a house from the administration.


The tallest building of this building is the 15th tallest building of the complete country which is a 72-storey skyscraper, a very beautiful towering swanky building that adorns this village. The building is the main attraction of the village. It also has a park which has replicas of all the iconic buildings of the world, including the statue of liberty and many others.


The village area is spread across 240 acres, this village looks more like a utopian world. The village is very hygienic and clean. And the villagers get all types of luxuries like free healthcare and education and housing, which specifically are for the original residents of the village. On the other hand, the new residents are paid daily wages but they are not provided with any such facility or luxury.

However, there is a twist which is a worst fact, if the original residents leave, they lose everything. Yes you read that right, everything.

Talking further about this village, if you want to hire a taxi than all you need to do this is just wave at it as they have helicopters for taxis! Yes.

Talking about the living conditions, there are no clubs, bars and internet cafes in this village. People of this village have to work seven days a week – that means no holidays, not even on Sundays. Also, you cannot gamble or consume drugs here.

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