437 people became billionaires across the world making the total of billionaires in the world to 2,694, as per the latest Hurun’s 2018 Global Rich List. Among many others, China is leading the list with the most number of billionaires but India is beating many other countries too, check the following list to know in which spot is India at.

9. Brazil And Canada:


Brazil And Canada are a home to 49 Billionaires each. Both the countries are fixed to 9th spot on the list. Recently 6 more Billionaires have been added in the list of Billionaires in Brazil while 14 more are added in the list of Canada. Joseph Safra is the richest person of Brazil.


8. France:

France is fixed at the spot of 8th position in the list of maximum Billionaires in the world. It is a home of 51 Billionaires with a combines net worth of around USD 409 billion. Bernard Arnault of LVMH is the richest man of France.

7. Russia:

Russia is a home of 71 Billionaires and maximum of them are in the Energy and Metals and Mining sectors. Alexey Mordashov of Severstal with the net worth of USD 20 billion is the richest man of Russia.

6. Switzerland:

Switzerland is a home of 83 Billionaires. The total networth of all these billionaires has been increased by 39% and is now USD 330 billion. Jorge Paulo Lemman of 3G Capital Leads is the richest man of Switzerland.

5. Germany:

Germany has added only 5 new Billionaires to its list now making the total number of Billionaires to 114. Georg Schaeffler of Schaeffler group is the richest man of Germany.

4. United Kingdom:

United Kingdom is a home to 118 Billionaires, it has added 29 new Billionaires to its list. The total networth of these Billionaires is USD 416 billion. Leonard Blavatnik is the richest man of United Kingdom.


India is a home to 131 Billionaires beating Germany to take the 3rd spot in the list. Mukesh Ambani is the richest man of India.

2. United States:

19 new Billionaires are added to the list of US, making the total billionaires to 571. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon is the richest man of United States and the world.

  1. China:

China stands at the number position for having the maximum number of Billionaires in the world. It has total 819 Billionaires. ‘Pony’ Ma Huateng, CEO of Tencent is the richest man of China.

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