10 Most Expensive Gifts People Have Ever Received


Gifts are usually an expression of love, affection, and appreciation. Gifts are exceedingly extortionate, mostly when somebody has got piles of cash packed up in the bank. In certain festive seasons, we are often reminded of a saying, “It’s better to give than to receive.” From enormous gems to profligate nuptials, art masterpieces to jets and super-yachts, these mans of affairs treats set the quality for extravagant gifting. Here are ten of the most valuable gifts ever given in the world’s history .

1. The last maharaja of the Sikh Empire, Duleep Singh bestowed Empress with the 186-carat Kohinoor diamond in 1849. Considering the enormous gem a little boring, Victoria’s consort aristocrat Albert had it impede to a more brilliant 105.6 carats three years later.



2. Already cash-strapped when the Seven Years War, within the decade, France funded the yank War of Independence to the tune of roughly $20 billion in today’s cash, directly resulting in a significant money crisis and also the revolution


3. In 1917, New York banker jazz musician Plank listed his six-story avenue mansion for a $1 million pearl jewelry from Cartier, a present for his young adult female. A couple of years later, the jewelry was oversubscribed for simply $150,000.

4. In 2003, cosmetics rich person writer Lauder gave his $1.1 billion assortment of Cubist masterpieces (including works by Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Juan painter) to New York’s Metropolitan depository of Art.

5. Russian swayer, Roman Abramovich has bought his art-loving woman, the gallery owner and editor Dasha Zhukova, many innumerable dollars’ value of masterpieces throughout the course of their decade-plus relationship.

6. Richard Burton lost out on a 68-carat diamond at auction in 1969. Gripped with sorrow, successive day, he bought it from the winner, Cartier, for $1 million and gave it to his adult female, actress.

7. Mughal ruler Shah Jahan spent the equivalent of $827 million in today’s cash building, over twenty two years beginning in 1632, the mausoleum as a present to — and sepulcher for — his late, favorite woman , Mumtaz Jahan.  Over twenty thousand artisans participated within the creation of what’s currently India’s high tourer attraction, The Taj mahal.

8. After his brother Mukesh precocious better half Nita a $60 million airliner A319 company jet, Indian have Anil Ambani gave his better half Tina a 34-metre super yacht, named Tian, in 2008.

9. In 1908, gold-mining multimillionaire Thomas Walsh bought as a marriage gift for his girl Evalyn the 94.80-carat, $120,000 Star of the East diamond from navigator Paris.


10. Mikhail Gutseriev spent Associate in Nursing calculable $1 billion on his son Said’s wedding, that featured performances by Jennifer Lopez, Sting and Enrique vocalize.