Poonam Pandey is a hot bombshell who has always made news for her short dresses and her commitments to strip. She keeps posting sensuous pictures and videos of her to keep her fans excited and happy.

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Besides being sizzling hot and candid, Poonam Pandey is also very active on social media and keeps posting updates on her social media handles. Fans are always eager to hear from the bombshell.

She added a new flavor to the Padmaavat buzz after she posted an update that she would be going to watch the movie and she is scared about it for watching Padmaavat is a daunting affair. Poonam posted this update and soon what followed was a series of trolls.

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After trespassing a lot of controversies, violent protests, Karni Sena’s melodrama and the CBFC’s scissors the grand affair from Sanjay Leela Bhansali finally took to the silver screen on January 25. The film saw a limited release under the clouds of apprehensions of violence and disruption.

Here is what Poonam Pandey Tweeted

Poonam in the update took a dig at the ongoing Padmaavat controversy and said that watching the movie is similar to one of those tasks in the TV show ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi.’


Twitter Trolled Poonam Pandey

Soon after the actress posted the update on her Twitter handle she became a butt of Twitter trolls and jokes. People took digs at the actress and ask her to wear full clothes as she goes to watch the movie or else people would start to see something else rather than the movie.

People also trolled her in the name of Karni Sena, the fringe group which has been the powerhouse of the ongoing controversy going around the movie and the violent protests that followed.

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