Wing Commander Abhinandan has now become a national hero after an unprecedented act of heroism in Pakistan. He showed exemplary amount of courage and bravery at the other side of the border and won everyone’s hearts.


When he was in the captivity, Pakistan released many videos of Abhinandan where he was seen blind-folded, being interrogated and being beaten up by the mob. However, what made every Indian proud was the way WC Abhinandan handled everything with bravery and patience and with a smile on his face.

Today, famous journalist, Shiv Aroor today posted a video on his twitter handle, which was previously uploaded by the Pakistani troops where Abhinandan was seen being taken off by the Pakistani cops in their jeep.

In the video, Pakistani soldier had asked WC Abhinandan his views about the Pakistani army, to which WC Abhinandan trolled them with a sarcastic reply by praising them first and then saying : “That’s why I asked if you are from the REGULAR army”.

Here, have a look at the video :

Hats-off to WC Abhinandan, he was blind-folded, bleeding and was unaware of him getting recorded but still he maintained his calm and trolled these soldiers on Pakistani terrorism.

Twitterati just can’t stop praising our Wing Commander Abhinandan on this video. People are in love with his hilarious sense of humor.

Here, have a look at the reactions of twitterati on this :

Salute to Wing Commander Abhinandan for maintaining his calm and for dealing with everything so fearlessly.

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