Well, it’s certainly not the birthday surprise Mr. Gates was hoping for. While it is a renowned fact that Bill Gates was the richest person in the galaxy wherever human currency works,  that too for four years in a row, only to be stunned out of hisrole  by the CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos.

As the cliche goes, Gates is now Yesterday’s news as, Jeff Bezos pushed right on to the top spot in the prestigious Bloomberg Billionaires Index to become the next ichest person, that too surpassing Bill Gates for the very first time.


Since the shares of Amazon witnessed a whopping 13 percent rise, a huge $10.4 billion was added to the net worth of Bezos. Since the profits were immense and even the anaslyst’ estimates were surpassed by leaps and bounds.


When US Markets closed down on Friday, the net worth of Jeff Bezos was $93.8 billion, while that of Bill Gates stood at  $88.7 billion. Now, Jeff Bezos’s worth is $5.1 billion ahead of Bill Gates.

According to the Sunday Morning Herald,

“Bezos’  wealth briefly eclipsed that of Gates, the Microsoft co-founder, on an intraday basis on July 27, but Amazon shares ended that day lower, leaving Bezos at No. 2.” Microsoft founder Bill Gates reclaimed the lead by Thursday afternoon, as Amazon’s stock fell nearly 1% for the day to $1,046.

At the close of Wall Street on Friday, Bezos had a net worth of $US93.8 billion, $US5.1 billion ahead of Gates on the Bloomberg index, a daily ranking of the world’s 500 richest people. Gates, 61, had been the world’s richest person since 2013.

The news has taken the internet by storm, there being coverages by the famours and prestigious newspapers such as AMP, Forbes, The Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Telegraph, and much more.