Anand Mahindra, is one of the richest entrepreneurs of the country. He is an inspiration for millions of people out there because of everything he has achieved in his life. He is not just supremely talented but he is also the coolest entrepreneurs of India.


He sits on the goldmine of inspiration, funny and entertaining things and everything in between and his twitter account is a testimony of this fact, where he keeps entertaining his followers with his sense of humor and tweets.

Recently, Anand Mahindra took to his twitter to unveil the new luxury electric ‘hypercar’ Battista. He shared a video of this stunning car. Here, check out the tweet of Anand Mahindra :


For your information, this beautiful car, Battista is said to be the first hypercar which is ultra-light and ultra-fast. As per Pininfarina, only 150 Battistas will be made, each having 1,900 horsepower engine that can go from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in less than two seconds.

The tweet was soon flooded with tweets of netizens praising this beauty and no matter how fast a car is, desi people have only one concern when it comes to cars – “kitna deti hai?” and this is what happened. A twitter user asked Anand Mahindra “Kitna deti hai?” , yep, we are equally shocked that someone asked ths about Battista.

Here have a look at his tweet :

The tweet caught Anand Mahindra’s attention as soon as it went viral under the original tweet and Anand Mahindra came up with an epic response. He answered the query in the sassiest way possible, he wrote :

“Sirji, electric hai..Shock deti hai!”

Here, have a look at the tweet :

Hilarious isn’t it? People were left in splits after reading his epic reply and as expected, showered him with praises for his wit. Here, have a look at the reaction of twitterati on this :

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