Engineers are a unique socialized breed in India. Almost half of the country’s population is engineer and almost 50% of the other half aspires to be an engineer. With an engineering college in every city of India, it’s number has overtaken Temples as the most sighted structure in India.

But inspite of huge population of Engineers, you will come across various hilarious engineering fails in India. To err is human and engineers are no different. Wherever you go, you will find instances of some hilarious engineering fails like a tree in the middle of the road or a staircase which leads to nowhere.


So, on the occasion of Engineer’s day, the team of Funniest Indian has compiled 15 hilarious engineering fails in India. We love our desi engineers but they often give us moments to laugh our a** off.

Here are 15 most hilarious Engineering fails in India:

1- Because our engineers believe there should be speed bumps on footpath also. Heights of caution!

2- They don’t care about monsoon.

3- This engineer strongly believed in ‘Stairway to Heaven’ but he designed ‘stairway to nowhere’.

4- Natural toll booth!

5- Even switch boards give water in India.

6- When you want both Hindi and English commode at one place.

7- Perhaps it was built for The Great Khali

8- When you just cant let go off defecating in open.

9- No wonder why so many train accidents happen in India.

10- Why did they even put that door?

11- Can somebody please explain what is that board doing out there?

12- A ride from heaven to hell!

13- They were just asked to fit a faucet which could give water at normal speed

14- Luckily, he didn’t fit an Air Conditioner there

15- Socializing while pooping!