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These 9 People Are Living in 3020 While We Are Struck In 2021

Every day we come across a number of people who have taken the internet by storm owing to their brilliant or foolish acts. Their acts sometimes look very weird while at times they melt our hearts. In the following lines, we will have a look at a few such people who are way ahead of their time and are still present around us.


This woman here knows well how to eat her noodles and she has come up with a brilliant idea to cool them off before slurping onto them, which is evident from the picture above.


Yes, we all know that there is a fundamental difference between an oxygen cylinder and a gas cylinder. However, this guy in the picture above seems to try his luck with the latter while going underwater.


This, here, is heights of innovation. When you have got no headlights in your car, you just going to go with a couple of torches tied to the front of your car.


During the coronavirus lockdown, people were restricted from going out of their apartments, especially to swimming pools and gyms. However, if you have this level of innovativeness inside you, then you can create a swimming pool literally anywhere.


Why waste your energy in holding your bottle of soft drink when you can just use your pocket? We have a lot to learn from this kid right here!


Another innovative idea is the brainchild of the crisis period that we had to face during the coronavirus lockdown. To get it done, all you need is a screen, a mirror and a trimmer to make it work.


I don’t have much to say here. All I can do is bow in front of the person and say, “Bravo!”


Having trouble finding a table? Just follow this genius child’s idea!


When you don’t get seats in the front row at the stadium, this can be the ideal solution.

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