Education system in India has been constantly driven by people who themselves lack the basic understanding of an education structure that can inspire students to transform the face of India. Outdated syllabus, limited connectivity between the industries and education, over emphasis on theoretical knowledge and minimal interaction between teachers, has created a huge rift between the Indian educational system and western education system.


A recent incident that happened in Uttarakhand and involves the Education minister of Uttarakhand, perfectly signifies what exactly is wrong with the education system in India.

A video of Uttarakhand’s Education Minister Arvind Pandey asking “basic” questions of mathematics from a teacher is going viral but for all the wrong reasons. During a regular inspection, Mr Pandey can be seen asking some basic questions to a female teacher in front of a whole class.

He asked the teacher what would be the answer for “minus plus minus.”, that is  (-) + (-) =? in Chemistry and as expected the teacher got it right. He then proceeded to ask her what would be the answer to the same question in Mathematics, but ironically he himself deified the logic and ruled “minus plus minus is plus”.

The official who was accompanying the minister even realized his mistake and tried to intervene, but to no avail.

The video also shows the Minister humiliating the teacher in front of whole class and chatises her for “teaching from a guide book” and not following a government prescribed book.

You Can Watch The Video Here: