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“Are You And Bill Gates Lovers?” Elon Musk Took To Twitter To End The Suspense

The famous philanthropist Elon Musk, who owns the aerospace manufacturing company SpaceX, put out a really funny tweet earlier today where he said he didn’t have any love affair with Bill Gates.

Gates recently criticized Musk for making “outrageous comments” on the coronavirus pandemic.

Talking to CNBC, Gates said that vaccination is not Elon Musk’s area of expertise. He is an expert in other areas which include rockets and electric cars. So, he is better off talking about those things, rather than something he doesn’t know about because that will only create confusion.

Gates and Musk have massively different views on coronavirus pandemic. While Gates reckons that lockdown is the way to deal with this health crisis, Musk is not in agreement with that opinion. Musk believes lockdown should be lifted and the industrialists should be allowed back to work.

Musk has openly criticized California governor in the past for being bullish about the lockdown when the US president Donald Trump called for easing of the lockdown measures.

Musk is also susceptible about the actual figures of the coronavirus cases as he reckons the cases might have been “overcounted” as well.

And, he has now responded to Gates’ criticism in his own style. The 49-year old entrepreneur has made it very, very clear that he doesn’t have any soft corner for Bill Gates after the way he has spoken about him.

However, the way Musk said it, it left people in splits because it was great piece of “pun” by the SpaceX owner.

Bill Gates, right from the very start of the coronavirus pandemic, has maintained that vaccination is the only way to get people back to normal life.


According to Gates, even if there is one active case of COVID infection anywhere in the world, the world is not safe.

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