Airtel vs Jio: Which Company Is Offering A Better Work From Home Plan @ Rs 251?

The Coronavirus pandemic has compelled the entire world to stay in their homes. While the situation has improved in many countries, it is still far from usual. Because of this lockdown, everyone has been using more internet data. 

There are multiple reasons behind this sudden increase. The first and the most obvious one is that the companies have instructed their employees to work from home. Hence, they are using net services to work besides having regular video conference meetings. Also, human beings have video calls with their relatives at a higher frequency now. 

The young generation is using data services to stay entertained in this quarantine period. Not to forget, everyone is spending more time on social media and YouTube now. Thus, the internet has become a pre-requisite of life. The individuals in India are not earning decent income at the moment. They need to think twice before spending money. 

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In this situation, it is always good to ensure that the things they purchase have a proper value for their money. Airtel and Jio are the two leading internet companies in India right now. They have launched a unique ‘work from home’ plan for the lockdown period. Co-incidentally, both programs have a price of INR 251 per month. 

So, the question is which plan the customers should choose? Well, here’s a detailed analysis for you. 

Airtel’s INR 251 plan

Starting with Bhati Airtel’s plan first, the specialty of this plan is its validity period. The customer gets 50 GB of high-speed unlimited data, which lasts as per the base plan’s validity. It means that if a user is having a base plan valid for a year, the 50 GB will last for the same duration. However, if the base validity expires within the next 24 hours, the 50 GB data also ends at the same time. So, the Airtel users need to check their validity before buying this plan. 

Jio’s INR 251 plan

Jio has a different approach to this plan. Irrespective of the longevity of the customer’s base plan, this voucher will last for 30 days. The users can consume 50 GB of high-speed unlimited data for a month through this recharge.

It is worth noting that the users will not receive any calling or SMS benefit in either of the plans. Hence, if an individual has a proper base validity plan, he should opt for Airtel. Otherwise, Jio would be a better option.

Written by Vinay Chhabria

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