15 Most Beautiful Train Journeys In The World


Well, who cares about the destination when the journey is really beautiful. Train journeys are one of the most beautiful and fascinating journies. Besides the company of our family and friends, which makes these journeys fascinating ones is the fact that the trains mostly run along the periphery of cities; embracing the wilderness of the beautiful landscapes, away from the pollution and all the tensions of the cities.

Here, in this article, we bring you some of the most beautiful and gorgeous train journeys ever, have a look:

1.The Glacier Express, Switzerland:


The Glacier Express is rightly the ride through the glaciers. The Glacier Express is touted to be the slowest express train in the world. It is an 8-hour ride and has a world of surprises en route.

2.Trans-Harz Railway, Germany:

The Trans-Harz Railway runs from North to South of Germany, which is a 60 KM track. The track is filled with picturesque views that will take your heart away.

3. The Bergen Railway, Norway:

The Bergen Railway, Norway is one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world. The 7-hour journey takes you through the most beautiful locations in Norway.

4. West Highland Line, Scotland:

This expressway is remembered as the Hogwarts Express from the Harry Potter movie. The beautiful train ride runs across the highlands of Scotland to Central Scotland.

5. Rovos Rail, South Africa:

Victoria Falls is a beautiful and noticeable attraction that comes as the most beautiful locations in this journey. A ride on Rovos Rail unveils the best of South Africa throughout this train journey.

6. Blue Train, South Africa:

The Blue Train runs through the vast spread mountains that dot the South African region. The 27-hours journey covers 1600 km of the area, sweeping landscapes which are indeed an eye-treat for the passengers.

7.TranzAlpine, New Zealand:

Running between Christchurch, Arthurs Pass and Greymouth on the Southern Island, the TranzAlpine’s ride covers the best of South Island.

8. The Ghan, Australia:

The passenger train service from Adelaide to Darwin, this train ride takes us through the best of South Australia. Covering a total distance of 2,979 km in almost 4 days, The Ghan is the longest passenger train.

9. El Chepe, Mexico:

El Chepe is one of the most beautiful rides in the world, that takes you through the gorgeous landscapes of Sierra Tarahumara.

10. Southern Railways, India:

The incredible train journey, that takes you through the Sea Bridge, which is India’s one of the five sea bridges.

11.Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia:

The Trans-Siberian railway covers 9300 km and makes 120 stops across Russia. It’s indeed a treat to find yourself aboard this ride.

12. Konkan Railway, India:

The Konkan Railway, connecting the Goa-Karnataka border, is a blessing from nature. The 600 m waterfall, cascades down the hills and creates a view that is an eye treat for the passengers.