Pune Police Gave A Savage Response To A Vehicle Owner Displaying Crown Image On Number Plate

Social media is an amazing place. Apart from being the source of entertainment for most of us, social media is a great place to attain and share knowledge. And our Indian police have started using social media as an effective way to communicate with the public and spread awareness on various issues from their social media handles.

Well, the Indian police are really making their presence felt on social media with their humor and politeness. It was earlier started by the Pune Police but now every other police department is ruling over social media with their humor on social media.

Recently, Pune Police via their official Twitter handle retweeted a picture of a scooter with a fanciful number plate, that was personalized with an image of a crown. As the owner of the scooter had violated the traffic rules, Pune Police wrote:

 “His highness will, unfortunately, have to oblige us with a Challan soon!”

Here, check out the Tweet:

Well, As per the Motor Vehicle Act Rule 50 and 51, pictures, art and/or fancy fonts and names aren’t permitted and should not be displayed on the number plate of the vehicle.

The tweet went viral in no time. People on Twitter were left in splits after reading the reply of Pune Police. The tweet prompted amazing reactions from the Twitterati. Here, check out the reactions of Twitterati on this:

Written by Unnati Madan

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