This Is How Kissing Scenes Of Actresses Who Don’t Kiss ‘On Screen’ Are Shot


There was a time when kissing scenes used to create a lot of buzz in Bollywood. If we talk about early 1990s, bikini scenes, “hot” scenes and kissing used to be big taboos. But, there were still a few actors and actresses who broke the stereotype and up the ante by going bold.


If you don’t want to go too back in the history, let’s have a look at Mallika Sherawat’s example. Mallika, who is now living in the west and doesn’t do too many movies, made her Bollywood debut alongside Emran Hashmi in ‘Murder’.

Mallika gave a very bold performance in the film and her kissing scenes with Emran became the talk of the B-town. Fans queued up outside the theatres to watch Mallika’s bold avatar and she became an overnight sensation in India after the release of Murder.

At that time, kissing and giving bold scenes was considered a ‘brave’ act on the screen. But, if we talk about the present day scenario, kissing scenes have become important part of cinema.

But, there are still many actors and actresses who are not comfortable in kissing on screen.  Kajal Aggarwal, who gave a brilliant performance in the movie Singham alongside Ajay Devgn, is one of those actresses who doesn’t kiss onscreen.


But, sometimes, the scrip demands a kissing scene and when the actress or actor is not willing, director has to use VFX to make it happen. Here’s an interesting story:

When Kajal Aggarwal refused to kiss on-screen, the director K.V. Anand came up with an innovative way to get the kissing scene done without making the actress uncomfortable.



This is the scene from Maattrraan in which Kajal Aggarwal refused to kiss his co-star Suriya. Watch the full video below:


You can see in the video how VFX came into effect when the actress refused to kiss her co-star on camera. The scene was pulled off very cleverly and it’s very hard to spot it while watching the movie in a theatre.