Gone are the days where beauty didn’t matter and all that mattered was a good heart and character. We no longer live in a world where love is blind and in fact change is the reality of life now.

As they say, if a person loves you truly,he/she would accept you irrespective of your looks and would never leave you, but looks like it’s different for bald women who don’t have a good chance of getting or retaining a boyfriend.


Recently, a naughty girlfriend played a prank with her boyfriend by using an app to create a semi-bald version of her. She sent her bald pictures to her boyfriend which freaked him out as he  couldn’t believe what he was saying. She posted the screenshots online later on, and at present, this incident is going viral on the Internet.

Here’s How The Incident started:

1- She sent her bald pictures and her boyfriend totally lost it

2- If this is a trick, this is not cool Amanda

3- She sent one more picture of her bald look

4- Why did you do those? Noooooooo.

5- She scared her boyfriend when she sent one more heartbreaking selfie

6- Who the f**k talked you into doing this?

7- This isn’t real.

8- I want you to lick my bald head

9- The weirdest of desires

This is definitely one of the best couple pranks I have seen in recent times. Who wouldn’t freak out, if suddenly your girl friend sends you her bald picture?