Teachers play a very important role in our lives. They are the ones who shape our future and makes us a better person. They are the motivators and the one who draw out our innate abilities. Every average human spend a major part of their lives in school. Teachers become our second parents when we are in school.

In this article, we bring you a list of 12 hottest teachers around the world who are famous for their good looks and for motivating the students :


1. Benjawan Som :


Benjawan is an English teacher and she is very hardworking. She knows how to inspire and motivate her kids.

2. Chris Peck :

Chris believes a student should be allowed to read whatever they want to. He loves engaging in the classroom to make the learning process easier for his students.

3. Dejinay :

Dejinay believes that the students needs to be active in class, therefore, she likes to do various activities in class. Also, she decorates her classroom to make her students interested to come to school.

4. Oksana Neveselaya :

Oksana was given the tag of World’s hottest maths teachers.  Oksana is a math teacher from Minsk

5. Michael Bonner :

Michael teaches the students who belong from poor families and cannot afford education. He got a grant of $25,000 and some equipment from Ellen DeGeneres.

6. Eva Loo :

She may look like a student but she is a teacher. She has achieved a lot in the field of sports.

7. Nicholas Ferroni :

Explaining why he became a teacher, he revealed :

When I was a child, I wanted to be a superhero, a psychologist, a philosopher, a philanthropist, an actor…that’s why I’m a teacher now.”

8. Patrice Brown :

Her pictures never gets to catch attention on social media. She is very photogenic and a very nice teacher.

9. Jordyn Goddard :

Jordynn is an elementary school teacher. She is also Miss District of Columbia. Apart from teaching, she keeps taking part in beauty pageant contest.

10. Pietro Boselli :

Pietro is now focusing more on his modelling career. He kept his modelling career a secret for a long time. He still donates a major part of his earnings to education and studies of the students who can’t afford education.

11. Park Hyun Seo :

The South Korean lecturer, Park hyun Seo is one of the hottest teachers in North Korea. Also, she has a good fan following on her social media.

12. Marharyta Sheikh Ali :

Marharyta is a dance teacher and herself a belly dancer. She often does performances on stage and is very attractive.

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