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You Need Gutts To Wear These 10 Hilarious And Wierd T-Shirts

Graphic and message tees took us up by storm with their impressive message delivery and funky style. However, while shopping we tend to avoid that might point to the degree of being slightly indecent.

But this is not the scenario with these brave men. Let us look at 19 people who not only sported funky messages but rocked in them.

A love that will never die.

Let us talk about confidence.

Umm..not gonna lie, this is outright wrong. 

We dare you to arrest him. 

Well they did screw Bollywood up…smh

What would we not give to learn the full sentence? 

The truth hurts.

Let’s take shade from that brightness.

The most eligible bachelor is here, ladies. 

No fear, God’s right hand is here.

That might be true, we are still discussing it.

Too many skeletons in your closet, Virat?

Evolution has evolved.

Okay, sure?

Love is for losers.

One crossover we can’t wait for. 

Spot the lie.

The T-shirt says it all. 

We do not qualify. 





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