Reports: This “Obsessed” Pakistani Uncle Kidnapped, Raped And Killed Her Niece In The Most Inhuman Way


A couple of days ago we shared a heart-breaking news of a Pakistani bride getting brutally raped and murdered on her wedding night by her own husband. And. today, we have received one more disturbing news.



A British Pakistani named Mujahid Arshid (33), who is a builder by profession, kidnapped and raped his 20-yr Indian niece named Celine Dookhran and a 21-yr girl. Later, he murdered his niece and hid her body in a freezer. But the other girl escaped and alerted the cops. 


Reportedly, Celine was a British Indian and the identity of the other girl has not been revealed due to legal reasons. The Times reported that Mujahid Arshid was “sexually fixated” with Celine Dookhran, 20, and her friend, who is a similar age and cannot be named for legal reasons.


During the investigation, Police found the body of Celina in the freezer. The alleged culprit was also arrested in Folkestone, Kent. The police also recovered the keys of the freezer from him.

As per the reports, Mujahid Arshid was accompanied by another man, Vincent Tappu, in the kidnapping of both the girls.

WionNews reported that the victim was born in the United Kingdom to a British Indian mother and a Caribbean father. However, her mother separated from her first husband and married a Pakistani man. It also being reported that the victim was not in good terms with her family because of the choice of her boyfriend. Her stepfather wanted her to be with a Pakistani boy.

This is what prosecutor Ablett said:

“It appears she was able to talk him round promising they could be together, and he appears to have fallen for that ruse. Up until that point it must have been the defendant’s intention to murder both women and conceal both bodies in the deep freezer of the unoccupied house in that way it might be many months before anyone found out.”

“The police found the house, forced the deep freezer open using a crowbar and inside was the body of Celine who had been dead for considerable time.”

“The defendant had been hatching his murderous plan for several weeks before he brought it into effect. He must have realised the two young women he adored were slipping away from him and if he could not have them no one else could.”