Johnny ‘Sanskari’ Sins Wants To Make His Bollywood Debut


Johnny Sins is an engineer, doctor, dentist, karate master, school teacher, pizza delivery guy, plumber etc… isn’t this amazing. He is not just great at his skills but a person doing good for the world at large, especially for troubled women. He is an internet sensation.


A fit, blue-eyed, strong and talented man who has impressed everyone with his work. He has played every single profession known in his porn career.

Johnny Sins is way better than those people who are multi taskers, multi faceted and high skilled individuals. He’s even been a US Marine.  His roles can be any but it would definitely get him laid, and what more he’s a multitasker even at that.


But the astonishing part is that he’s being considered for a ‘Sanskari’ video. The Sanskari news has done a short piece on Sins, which shows a lot of his real life facts which most of the world in unaware about.

Facts like him being a construction worker before entering the porn industry; or the fact that he had been always a shy person during his childhood days;  or that he was obsessed with porn right from his childhood days; also the fact that he always wants/ wishes to work with the famous singer Rihanna (one may surly scratch their brains to think on what ?) . The manner in which it is presented is surely very funny.

The voice over has been done in Hindi, with most of Johnny’s exploits in a heavy dialect of the narrator. This makes the entire sequence pretty funny. The way the entire sequence has been spoken makes the entire thing carelessly comical.

 A lady describes the entire life cycle of Johnny in hindi, explaining how he has become a very desirable and successful actor in the porn industry. He is liked by both men and women equally. His six pack body is good enough reason to attract people.

This is mainly because Sins is an avid swimmer and cyclist. Sins is loved by his female co-stars and he makes almost $5000 for every film.