These Pictures Show How Women Have Changed Over The Years In Afghanistan


Not everything is for forever, and people living in Afghanistan can relate to these wordings very exactly. It surely is frightening but more of irreplaceable. While compared to the 60’s Afghanistan, it seemed that it will make a huge fortune and become one of the most powerful country. With all the communist party formation and Women empowerment, Afghanistan sure looked a very fashioned country back then! Now the scenario is different, after 2001 war, many things changed, many places were destroyed and now nobody want to go to Afghanistan because of its terrible condition.


Afghanistan is America’s longest war, and it appears it could go on inconclusively, if simply because, in shades of the Vietnam calamity, there is absolutely no way out now and no turning back, if they do then Nation’s pride could be on stake.

A truck bomb crushed a zone of Kabul close to the presidential royal residence and outside government offices on Wednesday, one of the deadliest strikes in the long Afghan war and an indication of how the capital itself has turned into a deadly front line. In just one minute, more than 80 lives finished, several individuals were injured and numerous were damaged.


Security has consistently been unstable since 2014 and the finish of the fundamental NATO battle mission, which at its peak highlighted more than 100,000 American troops and several thousands more from organization together accomplices like Britain. The present worldwide power in Afghanistan numbers around 13,000 — around 8,400 of them are American — for the most part entrusted with preparing and exhorting the Afghan powers.

   But even after all the tragedy Afghanistan suffered, we believe that it was never like this. It was one of the most powered country of a time.

They used power of Women! Yes, one of the most largely empowered gender was on use. Afghan women were one of the most working women in the history, it helped in any kind of businesses. Not just that, also women were very westernized. The time was very narrow than, according to which Afghan women were very fast forward and revolutionary.

They were allowed whatever they wanted to do, unlike now where we see them and pity them for the same. The time was different, the time was very generous for them. They were liberate and also worked for several Vaccines, they were given chance to showcase their talent.

Schools which were there in 60’s do not exist now! The teachers were more educated, now there is no school itself.

Famous Kabul University was where everybody’s dream reside and now seeing the condition of that place nobody want to reconstruct as well!

There was surely a time where everyone lived happily, now men are at war and women are in total despair.

Women were able to travel freely in all the public transports in 60’s unlike today where there is hardly any left.

No matter how cruel Afghanistan has become now but it was not like that before. There is no such thing as abrupt change!