According To Research, This Girl Have The Best Physique, Even Better Than Kim Kardashian


There’s a plethora of hot girls across the world which have jaw-dropping figures. There are a lot of hot ladies to choose from when it comes to picking up favorites but Kim Kardashian is one of the most talked about hot figures in the world.


A lot of girls tried to copy Kim and even worked hard to be anywhere close to the quantum of her hotness, but all of them failed. Kim Kardashian still remained unique. Kim has ruled the social media whenever the discussion has been about hot figures.


But now who’s this girl who’s giving Kim Kardashian a series complex?

The pictures of this girl are rising temperatures over the internet and she’s competing with Kim in terms of being the girl with a hotshot figure. Not many have been able to steal the limelight from Kim Kardashian but this girl surely is. Who is this girl?

This girl is winking the Internet with her hot figure and she’s being termed as a copy of Kim Kardashian. This girl is an American model and her name is Jelina Odesza.

You’d be stunned to know that she has over 50 lakh followers on social media and she’s making people go literally crazy. She’s very proactive on the social media and her pictures are literally blasting the internet.

Big companies and brands have already gone crazy to get her to endorse their products. These company’s offering her modeling strongly believe that her looks will make people go mad. Her pictures are going viral and are setting the internet on fire. She’s amazingly hot and Kim Kardashian has some serious competition brewing.

She has got the looks to make anyone go crazy. Her pictures are in fact too hot to handle. She could soon be seen modeling or acting, for now, she has become so famous with her amply hot pictures. Who knows if she turns out to be the next sensation of the industry.

Do you find her as hot as Kim Kardashian? Isn’t she the best competition that Kim Kardashian ever got? Let us know about your views on this ravishing hot diva.