These 24 Facts Will Make You Feel More Knowldgebale In Less Than 5 Minutes


Since the population of the planet Earth is huge including both human beings and other living organisms, there are several other things of which it is not possible to keep a track.

However, it is very important and interesting to keep yourself updated with facts. Here comes 24 such unknown facts which would totally sound new to you.


The great artist Leonardo Da Vinci spent twelve long years to paint just the lips of Mona Lisa.


In the movie Godfather, the head of the horse was real.

In all your lifetime, the number of times you blink is equivalent to five years of closing your eyes.

Even before the match, lighters were invented.

In 2007, Iran arrested 24 squirrels for spying.

In 1896, the war between England and Zanzibar lasted for only 38 minutes. This is the shortest war in history.

In one month, Bob Marley became the father of three children to three different women.

China has all the Pandas in the world.

One of the best initiatives taken by Google.

The largest cave in the world, situated at Vietnam, has almost everything!

If you eat chocolate cake at breakfast, you would actually lose weight!

Isaac Newton noticed the apple falling while drinking tea.

Android used to operate camera at the beginning!

Ants can give a race with Lamborghini if it was of human size.

Cat poop produces Kopi Luwak, the most expensive coffee in the world.

The poison of a puffer fish is enough to kill 30 people.

Consider having popcorn, the healthiest snack as it builds muscles, tissues, bones and also helps in the process of digestion.

If you find it tough to get out of the bed in morning, you are suffering from Dysania.

A British soldier spared the life of a German soldier in the First World War. This soldier is none other than Adolf Hitler.

The biological father of Steve Jobs was a Syrian Muslim named Abdulfattah Jandali. He was adopted.

Your Facebok language can be changed to Pirate.

Along with eight legs, octopuses also possess three hearts.

Ever wondered how roommates can create wonders? The creators of Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s laboratory and Johnny Bravo were all roommate when they were in college.

This is the sign of true love. A swan has only one partner throughout life and once the partner passes away, the other could also die of broken heart.