As they say, if you are able to differentiate yourself from others, fame will definitely catch up with you. There are people around the world who gain fame due to their unique characteristics and become internet sensations over night.

In this post, the team of Funniest Indian brings for you a list of 12 people who became famous on Internet and are being called the world’s hottest or sexiest people due to their features. Their fame was accidental but nevertheless, they went viral.


Note: They are best according to us and our eyes. In case your eyes are looking for somebody else, we are extremely sorry. Kindly comment if you think somebody else should be in their place.

1-  Malgorzata Kulczycka


32-year-old Malgorzata Kulczycka is a real life Rapunzel, with her hair extending over 7 feet . She has never cut her hair and in fact has grown it so long that she can wear it as a dress.

2- Lauren Drain

Lauren has been dubbed as the world’s hottest nurse and has over 3.6M followers on Instagram. She is also a fitness model, personal trainer and author known for writing the 2013 book Banished.

3- Hottest Maths Teacher

A 17 year old Oksana Neveselaya became an internet sensation overnight after her pictures went viral on the internet and she was dubbed the hottest teacher in the world.

Though, she later cleared the air and informed everyone that she is not a teacher and it was a case of mistaken identity.

Unlike Oksana, Pietro Boselli was a visiting lecturer at University College London when he was dubbed “world’s hottest math teacher” by publications ranging from People Magazine to The Guardian.

4- World’s Hottest Grandmom

70 year old Australian Carolyn Hartz became an internet sensation when her bikini pictures went viral. She is super fit and has an enviable bikini body, thanks to her fitness regime and diet.

She has 4 grand children but age just doesn’t seem to catch up with her.

5- World’s hottest doctor

Stacey Naito, a board certified Physician from Los Angeles has been called the world’s hottest doctor. She is hot, gorgeous and a fitness freak.

World’s sexiest doctor

26-year-old Mikhail Varshavski was named the “Sexiest Doctor Alive” by People’s magazine. His hair is luxuriant, his biceps, forged in a boxing ring, are extraordinary and his facial symmetry alone is enough to draw stares. He has around 2M followers on his Instagram. He is reportedly dating Miss Universe.

Apparently the nurses in my hospital also think I'm the IT guy ???????????? #nerd #fixedit

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6- World’s Hottest Grand dad

Irvin Randle, who lives in Houston and works as an elementary school teacher has been dubbed the world’s hottest grand dad.

His peppered beard, tight jeans, opened-collar shirts and subtle pout caught a lot of eyeballs on social media.

Beard Nation

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7- World’s hottest Prisoner

Jeremy meeks was dubbed as the world’s hottest prisoner. He later went on to become a fashion model after his release.

8- World’s Fittest Mom

Liu Yelin From China doesn’t have a single wrinkle on her face inspite of being 50 years of age. She often gets confused as her son’s girlfriend.

She rarely wears make on on her face but is always glowing and is super fit. She is always surrounded by people whenever she is out, all wanting to know her secret of youthfulness.

9- World’s Hottest Lawyer

Yarden Haham, who works as a lawyer in Israel, has been called the world’s hottest lawyer.

Backstage #frauenfeld #festival #switzerland

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10- World’s hottest soldier

Kim Mellibovsky, an Isreali soldier has been touted as the world’s hottest soldier.

This 22 years old gorgeous soldier took the internet by storm with her jaw-dropping pictures on Instagram.