Mia Khalifa Entered The Wrestling And Got The Most Unexpected Blow From Her Opponent


Mia Khalifa, the sexy stunner, who doesn’t know her? Every other guy dreams of her and appreciate whatever she does. Former adult movie star Mia tried her hand at wrestling and unfortunately, got more than she would have hoped for.

After becoming one of the most searched personalities of porn-hub, has successfully tried her hands at the football commentary. Now, she wanted to try wrestling as well and for that she turned to none other than Thunder Rosa.

Mia Khalifa said, “For everyone whose team that I’ve trash talked, and anyone who has ever wanted to see me get the shit kicked out of me, your lucky day is here”.

Well, her pain can be clearly seen and it won’t be wrong to say that this adventure turned into a nightmare for her.

Mia Khalifa is very much active on Instagram, she keeps on entertaining her fans with such tactics of hers. Here are some of the pictures from her Instagram account.

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