Albert Einstein said, “The Secret of creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.Likewise, there are some things which are worth keeping to ourselves and looses value when disclosed.

Here, we bring you six crucial things, that we think you should always keep it yourselves. Have a look:

  1. Don’t reveal your most ambitious plans.

We all have goals, we all have ambitions but we should always keep those ambitions as a secret until we have actually achieved these goals. These ambitions always have weak spots and ill-thought out parts which we always fail to notice but some one else can notice them very easily. And there are a lot of chances that someone could pick them apart quite easily, leaving you dishearten and disappointed.


2. Never reveal the secrets of your lifestyle.

Although, it has now become a trend to click before you eat, to post before you party, to check-in on your social media before you check-in the hotel but we should never reveal the secrets of our lifestyles. It makes no sense to talk about your daily routines or sleeping habits or sex appetite. Our emotional condition needs to be harmonious and when we make efforts to impress other by showing-off, we are simply proving it wrong.

3. Don’t desire to be praised.

Every heard the praise, “Do good with left hand and don’t let your right hand know about that?” Well, we are exactly saying you to follow that. Don’t share important information about generous deeds or good work done by you. Don’t desire to be praised because the greatest virtue lies in doing good with the hope of getting praised or appreciated or recognition.

4. Never boast about your heroism.

Done something heroic? or Done something courageous? well, then keep it yourself. It is always worth keeping silent when you have shown heroism. Everyone is fighting with challenges everyday, every one has got their share of battles to fight everyday- in the world outside and within us, in our minds. Your should not decide that you are worthy of recognition or not.

5. Forget all the unpleasant things you have heard people say or do.

This one can be hard but trust me, it is worth it. These unpleasant things might soil your mind. Recounting all these foolish and unpleasant things is like entering home without taking off your dirty shoes.

6.Never reveal any conflicts or problems in your family life to others.

If you are doing this, stop doing this now. Sharing your family problems or conflicts with others is never worth it. Always remember, family problems and conflicts can always be resolved in the privacy of your own home, within the four walls of your home between loved ones. These problems get worst when discussed with others.

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