Executioners or as we Indians call them ‘Jallad’, have the toughest job in the world. Killing someone is not an easy thing to do.

In India, the punishment of ‘hang till death’ is given very rarely.


You might not be aware of the fact, that in India there are only 2 Jallads or executioners. These executioners are paid only Rs.3000 per month. But when any terrorist is hanged till death these executioners are paid a very large amount of money.


When the culprits of Indira Gandhi’s assassination were hanged, these executioners were paid Rs.25000.

If you have watched any Hindi Bollywood movie, then you must have seen that the executioners or Jallad before hanging any prisoner says something in the ears of the prisoners. Do you know what these Jallads or executioners says in the ears of the prisoners?

As we all know that the work is not easy, but still their work involves taking the life of another human being. In order to set themselves guilt-free, these executioners says these words in the ears of prisoners:

हिन्दुओ को राम राम और मुस्लिमो को सलाम मै अपने फ़र्ज़ के आगे मज़बूर हु मैं आपके सत्य के राह पे चलने की कामना करता”

Which roughly translates into:

” Salute to the Hindus and Muslims, My hands are tied with duties. I wish you to walk on the path of truth.” and by saying this, the executioner apologize to the prisoner before killing them.

The work of these executioners is way more difficult then anyone can imagine.

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