7 Times Famous TV Actresses Were Caught Enjoying A Cigarette


Indian Television industry is all about showcasing ‘Sanskars’ and these deep values and ethics are best endorsed by the ‘Sanskari Bahus’ of the Indian Television industry. But then what you see a person on screen is not really what the truth is. Real life and reel life are two different things and we must accept that.

So, we bring you the Sanskari Bahus of the television industry who were caught smoking. Not that it is any big deal or we are getting any pseudo rationalist about it. We are simply drawing a subtle contrast between the real life and reel life of these actresses. We have no intentions of sensationalising things for smoking is a personal choice and we respect that. 



So, here are the TV actresses who were caught on the camera while enjoying a puff

1. Sara Khan


She is a party animal and you would find her having a puff or boozing a lot many times. When she made her debut in the TV industry she looked like the most innocent girl in the industry but perhaps that is not true.

Sara Khan is quite candid about her personal life and she no longer shies away from puffing a cigarette in public places.

2. Kamya Punjabi

She is one of the most familiar faces of the TV industry and has stayed here for very long. She is known for her fine acting skills and being a pretty Punjaban. She likes to live life on her own terms and that is pretty cool.

Kamya too has been caught on the camera while enjoying a cigarette. Partying with friends and enjoying a few puffs is what Kamya likes apparently.

3. Karishma Tanna

She is one of the most ravishing divas of the TV industry and perhaps the most controversial of all. She attracted a huge controversy when she smooched Upen Patel on world television in the Big Boss House.

But people got even more judgemental when the picture of hers having a puff went crazily viral. If sources are anything to go by then Karishma likes to smoke and always carries a packet or two in her handbag.

4. Sumona Chakravarty

The Kapil Sharma Show fame is a bubbly actress. She is also learned to be a fond smoker and she was once caught secretly on the camera while taking a puff. The picture went viral and that is how we learned about her smoking habits.

She was caught smoking on the sets of a TV show and the picture went viral.

5. Shweta Salve

She is quite popular for her sensuous dark look and is a hot siren in the TV industry. She is a well-known actress with a hefty fan following.

Here is Shweta Salve having a puff and enjoying herself.

6. Achint Kaur

Achint Kaur is a famous TV actress and has played a few cameos in some Bollywood movies too. She is very popular for her negative roles in the TV industry.

Achint Kaur too likes to smoke her stress out and enjoy herself.

7. Rupa Ganguly

Rupa Ganguly is a famous TV actress turned politician. She has been spotted smoking on camera many times and she is quite cool about it.

She does not mind smoking in public and there is nothing really to hide in it.