Agree or not, but we all enjoy fights and debates unless we are involved in them. We enjoy watching fights and debates especially on national television, when it’s happening on National television, be it on some reality shows like Roadies and Bigg Boss or be it on any news channel.

Watching news used to be the most boring part of the day where boring anchors used to read the bulletin in the most boring way but nowadays, the news have become quite entertaining. With a bit of masala and drama and debates, the news nowadays are no less than any daily soap.


Just to lighten up your Monday blues, here we bring you a video of two anchors from Pakistan fighting on National Television. The video is making rounds on the internet. The anchors can be seen debating with each other because of having a little bit disagreement.


So, people grab some popcorn here we present you the viral video of two Pakistani anchors making a scene on Nation television.

This is the most hilarious fights between colleagues, you will ever see. The duration of the video is only 30 seconds but it is way to much and at the same time you will crave for more.

The video starts with the male anchor, who is so pissed off with his co-anchor that he didn’t care that he was on National Television:

The male anchor had claimed that his co-anchor has asked him to not talk to her at all but the female anchor says that she had only asked him to talk with him in a better way.

But the guy here is in no mood to have any civil conversation.

Although, the co-anchor asks him again to talk to her with respect but no, as he thinks he isn’t doing anything wrong.

Now, the female anchor is also fed-up :

He can be seen answering her back, requesting her to talk to him in respect.

The 30 seconds video ends with the guy saying “iske nakhre toh khatam hi nahi hote yaar”

Hilarious isn’t it. We won’t be shocked to know if they both are dating or have dated in the past, considering the fact the couples can fight anywhere and everywhere they want without caring for the world.

This video is current making rounds on the internet and has gone viral. People are trolling both of them hilariously, here are a few reactions from the twitteratis:

Lol 😀

Bigg Boss, are you listening? Please get both of them as your contestants :

Lol 😀

Definitely this is the case or may be break-up? :

Whatever the reason for their fight might be, but we are thankful to them for giving us 30 seconds of hilarious drama.

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