Popular Baseball Player Sent To Many Texts To Mia, She Shared Screenshots On Twitter & Trolled Him


Mia Khalifa, who doesn’t know her? Every other guy dreams of her and appreciate whatever she does. However, Mia Khalifa is very good with exposing people on Twitter. She doesn’t like it when strangers approach her through random DMs, even if they are stars as well.


She has insulted many people by exposing them on her social handle. Some of them were very popular names. Her latest target was Wilson Contreras, an American baseball player (Chicago Cubs).

Recently, Mia Khalifa took to twitter and uploaded a screenshot of the chat where a Baseball player was sending her texts. Wilson told her that he is a big fan of hers and just want her to say ‘hi’ to him. Unfortunately, Mia Khalifa very rudely said bye to him but he kept the conversation going even after her rude behavior.

THESE PICTURES ARE 4 DAYS APART!!! Y’all, I regret NOTHING about the first photo. I ate ricotta & truffle stuffed chicharrones and brown butter popcorn in bed at 1 AM with my boyfriend knowing damn well the amount of work I’d have to put in later on. I said yes to more pita bread, and honey butter biscuits and Lardo on Lardo on Lardo, I had two lunches back to back in Montreal. I lived and I ate and I loved every second and every bite of it. Don’t order a fucking salad when you really want the burger. Sometimes I call this merry-go-round I’m on with my weight a vicious cycle, but really this is the epitome of balance. I’m no where near my May/June weight and body fat percentage (16% – 19% now), but this is progress!!! 15lbs gained, 4lbs already lost. Patience and hard work is allllll it takes ♥️ thanks to my trainer @kellygeefit for her constant support!

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However, after receiving so many texts from him, she decided to brutally expose him. She uploaded the screenshots of the chat on her twitter. Here, have a look at the tweet :

Mia Khalifa was as savage as she could get, she tagged the team and wrote :
Cubbies, your man’s is wandering around left field. Can you come get him? @Cubs”

Here, have a look at the screenshots of the chat :

However, in the chat, the baseball player hasn’t said anything wrong, he just mentioned that he wants to be her friend as he is a big fan of hers. To this, many twitterati came in support of the player and trolled Mia, here have a look at the reactions of the twitterati :

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