Meet The Real Faces Behind These Funny ‘Viral’ Memes


Tagging your friends in memes has now become a trend. We all tag our friends and vice versa in most famous and viral memes. Agree or not, but our mood lights up and it leaves a smile on our face when we see the notifications.


Not only these memes are engaging but also make us laugh until our stomach starts to hurt. But, what amuse me is that we fail to acknowledge the fact that there are real people associated with this humor.

The internet and some super genius people, has simply made these normal people a celebrity, obviously, via its distribution channel.


Here, we bring you some memes, no! the people behind those memes. Have a look:

1. This Kid:

We all have loved this kid. He is adorable plus those expressions are just to good. He is ‘success kid’, but his real name is Sammy Griner.

The mother of this legendary kid, Laney Griner, took the image in 2007. Little did she know that her son would take the internet by storm at a mere age of 11 months.  Here’s, how he looked after 5 years when the bove image was clicked:

Do you still want to know why this meme went viral? 😀

2. The Abla Naari:

BuzzFeed first used the image and after that people started using it anywhere and everywhere and in no time it became very popular.This meme is famous worldwide by the name of ‘First World Problem’. Well, the woman is none other than Silvia Bottini, who happens to be a famous actress and model. She is a very popular actress and has appeared in many movies.

3. The coolest guy:

He is the most loved ‘cool guy’ in the meme world.This guy gained popularity by the name of Scumbag Steve. This guy’s cap became equally famous as his ‘I’m high face’. His real name is Blake Boston. The image that went viral was taken by his mother when he was only 16. Today, he is a father of one and runs his youtube channel. This is how he looks now.

4.Skeptical Baby :

He has got the swag, that too 100 on 100. This baby has ruled the internet and gave tough competition to every other meme. Here’s the original picture of this baby. The original image was clicked by Jarod Knoten. It was actually a part of the family album that Dave had set. The real name of the baby is Mason.

5.Olympics’ ‘Red Girl’: London 2012

This girl was titled as ‘Olympic mystery woman’ after she gatecrashed the athletes’ march on the inaugural day of the 2012 London Olympics.Before was speculated that Madhura, the girl, entered the premises as a commoner but later it was confirmed that she was a part of some dance group. Soon after this incident, the internet got flooded with her memes. She showed her ‘like a boss’ attitude and went viral.

6. The legend:

Now, the legend, the king of meme world. This meme goes by the name ‘troll face’. His real name is Yao Ming who is a retired Chinese basketball player. This is how he looks like:

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