A Guy Asked Girl For Her Picture Without Clothes, She Gave A Mouth-Shutting Reply


Exchanging naughty texts and pictures is now a very common thing between couples. However, sometimes some perverts on social media keeps asking for naked pictures of random girls on the internet. So many times, we girls have to face situation like this when any guys crosses their limits and harass us with their messages.

However, things have changed now. The women now known how to teach these perverts a good lesson by their mouth-shutting replies. The girls not just gave them a befitting reply but also make sure to teach them a great lesson.


Recently, a similar incident happened hen an Imgur user, leonaloir, had to face a disagreeable situation when a pervert kept asking for her naked pictures as he wanted to see her body. Any girl would have been irritated and so was this girl. However, the girl wasn’t ready to take this.

The girl replied back with a hilarious reply and fulfilled his desire for naked pictures. Yes, you read that right. She taught him a lesson that the guy will never ask anyone for naked pictures.

Here, have a look at the screenshot of the conversation :

The wish was fulfilled :

He even got what he didn’t asked for :


We really wonder if the guy will ever ask for nudes again for anyone. What are your thoughts about this?

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