There Is A Reason Why Most Of The Indian Girls Gain Weight After Marriage


There Is A Reason Why Most Of The Indian Girls Gain Weight After Marriage: Going on a weight losing diet to look stunning on the wedding day is the recent trend. However, once the wedding is over, new rules of the house dominates you and that’s when the bride puts on weight.

According to a recent survey couples put on weight once they tie the knot. Celebrity nutritionist has recently explained the reason behind this weight gain in her book ‘Women & The weight Loss Tamasha’. Here we narrate some weight gain stories to you:


Your diet is just a toss”

The D Days take a toll on your body as you go along with meals made in bulk with hundred others and obviously at weird hours. Once the exhausting ceremonial days are over, you head for your honeymoon trip where again you are living on outside delicacies. Adding more to the stress, is your adjustment to the new house.

A weird diet with stress means a loss of nutrition which gorges you to calories. The deficiency of vitamins and calcium leads to carving at odd hours and lack of energy. This calls for your surprise when you suddenly put on those extra kilos.

Your eating habit changes:

The cult favourite of every newly-wed couple is watching late night movies and munching wafers together. Hardly do they care that it adds on to their weight later. The second most important factor here remains the taste of the new family.

A newly married woman has to take care of the tastes of the new family, which of course is different from her previous one. To impress her in laws and the husband she adopts the new pattern, eventually altering her digestive pattern. Moreover, if it is an inter cultural marriage, the food habits are completely changed. This causes a huge gain of weight.

Eating out more often:

The freedom to go out and binge comes along with the ‘newly married’ tag. Having candlelight dinner with the darling hubby is every woman’s desire. Eating oily and spicy food is an ill habit though!

Not just this, several dinner parties are to be attended to know the extended families. Therefore, at least one of the meals is outside food often rich in calories and low nutrition. And thus, the weight gains are soon to be experienced.

You care less:

To maintain their figure for a perfect bridal photo shoot is a must. As soon as the girl walks the aisle, all the charm of maintain figure goes in vain. Responsibilities strikes in after the marriage and health take a backseat.

Often to spend more time with their better half, women tend to give lesser time to themselves. First few years of marriage, yoga and gym remains alien to them. Gym hour is replaces by cooking hours and the diet goes for a toss.

It’s time to get your reviews now! Is it a physical procedure? For we think, its just carelessness.