Watch: This Ghost Prank Went Horribly Wrong And The Prankster Almost Got Killed


Internet pranks have reached their heights now but this prank seemed to have crossed lines. The team from Papa Crazy was in a terrible shock after this prank. This ghost prank not just failed miserably but also backfired them. Yes! you read that right, it almost killed the prankster.


Two men dressed as ghosts in flowing white robes and scary make-up decided to scare the hell out of people on the roads. And unfortunately a man was driving alone at night. Both the men dresses as ghosts cornered that poor man from both the sides, finding himself trapped, the haunted victim did something very unexpected.

The driver panicked and ran over the ghost standing in front of the car. Steering the car in a slow motion to escape, the driver knocked the man on the bonnet of his car and left him injured.

The friends of the pranksters and Papa Crazy’s team ran towards him to his aid to find him with a badly gashed knee.┬áThe team of Papa Crazy uploaded the video on their Youtube channel with a funny message. Here’s what they wrote:

“Best prank gone wrong ever (BLOODY WRONG). Do not mess with this car driver .. CAR DRIVER KILLED THE SCARY GHOST”

Well, we don’t know who that man was, but surely he taught these pranksters a lesson for life-time.

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