Very Few People Have Seen These Then And Now Pictures Of Famous Indians


Everyone has a life ranging from childhood, to youth to the knee cramping old age. But whenever we come across the phographical journey of few of the most successful names across the globe, it makes us scratch our brains and pinch ourselves. That’s when we ask ourselves, “Wow, what a youth and what a change till this day”.

Everyone whom we have been closely associated publically or being looking at on the screens in the latter half of their lives, all had a youth, which we may not have imagined ever.


From Alok Nath , the evergreen sanskari Father figure, to our very respected national figure, our prime minister, Sri Narendra Modi, it’s hard to imagine their earlier looks.

Lata Mangeshkar –


One of the most respected, talented and sought after singers of the yester years, also known as the nightangle of India, was unbelievably beautiful during her young age, so much so that she could give the actresses a run for their money.

Narendra Modi-

Not many would know that the Prime minister of India, who is now seen so elegantly dressed was once a tea stall owner. It would be hard to believe his looks in his chaiwala days.

Alok Nath –

The father figure of the industry, Alok nath, always wanted to be phographed shirtless and also had his head full of hairs in his early days.

Randhir Kapoor –

The uncle of the heartthrob of millions Ranbir Kapoor, Mr.Randhir Kapoor was a very handsome and pleasing personality in his early life. He is still very charismatic though.

Anupam Kher –

Hard to believe though, Anupam Kher at one point in time of his life looked like a French model.  Today though, we enjoy watching his bald look and his excellence in giving public speeches.

Farida Jalal –

This face which is now one of the cutest and sweetst dadi’s of the small and big screen, had a gracious and a face of innocence in her early 20’s. She also had amazing screen presence in the early part of her career into hindi movies.

Lalu Prasad Yadav –

He was a fair and handsome guy in the early ages of his life, who is now a chubby, white haired public figure in politics of our country.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar –

Even though there is still not a single white hair or a wrinkle in his appearance, he looked comparatively different in his early days.

Sonia Gandhi –

Old though she now looks, but at the early age when she could make one of the most eligible bachelor’s of India, Rajiv Gandhi, fall for her, she was a very very beautiful and attractive lady.

Amitabh Bachchan-

Rishi Kapoor –