Varun Dhawan Uploaded A ‘Dashing’ Picture Of His Six-Pack Abs. And Got Trolled Badly By Taapsee Pannu


Varun Dhawan, hands-down is the most sought actor of this generation of Bollywood. Be it his comic timings or serious action sequences, Varun Dhawan nails every role he does.Which we think is one of the most important reasons behind his 100 % success in Bollywood. If you are not aware, then we should tell you that Varun Dhawan has 0 flops in his accounts. Every movie he has done has been a blockbuster hit!


Apart from his acting skills, Varun Dhawan seems to have motivated youngsters with his sexy body and six-packs abs. While girls can’t stop drooling over his body on the other hands boys wants to have those sexy abs on their body.


These young stars of Bollywood have set the trend of hitting the gym and sweating out!

Recently, Varun Dhawan shared his picture in micro-blogging site Twitter, showing his sexy six-packs abs with the captaion : Nothing is impossible!

Here’s the picture he posted:

Undoubtedly he is looking super sexy in this picture flaunting his six abs. The picture above is fitness goals for many boys in our country right now.

But there’s someone who trolled him for posting this picture. Guess who?

Well, none other than Taapsee Pannu. Here’s what she commented:

Her Tweet read: Please Khaana Kha le. I’m calling Laali aunty otherwise!

Varun Dhawan after seeing his reply, replied:

His tweet read: Haha Tune paratha ka liya bulaya hi nahi.

Taapsee Pannu was quick to reply, she replied: Ghar tune naya banaya hai, house warming pe tune nahi bulaya aur paranthe merese maang raha hai!!!!! Ghor kalyug! ????????‍

Varun Dhawan replied in an adorable way. He replied:

The tweet read: Soon soon meri dost.

Well seems like Bollywood just got another BFF!

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