Everyone was least interested in this year’s Nidahas Trophy as everyone accused that it was boring but as the time passed this year’s Nidahas Trophy was one of the greatest T20s series ever.The innings  that were happening in Sri Lanka, just ended now with India grabbing the trophy and winning the title. The finale that took place today saw the power-packed performance from team India.


While the Indian cricket team won the title, Dinesh Kartik won hearts as he finished off with a six. Hitting 29 runs in only 8 balls, Dinesh Karthik gave the most amazing performance in the match.

India only needed 34 runs to grab the trophy and Dinesh Karthik made sure to be the perfect man at that point of time.


However, the pressure was very high on Dinesh Karthik when 5 runs were needed on the last delivery, but Dinesh Karthik remained calm and composed and it worked, he created magic with his match-winning sixer.

After the controversial semi-finale that took place between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, everyone was very curious for today’s match, and now when India has finally won the match, the moment has come for which everyone was waiting for.

The twitteratis have gone crazy after the awesome performance by Dinesh Karthik, the twitter has got flooded with tweets of appreciation for Dinesh Karthik, have a look at some of them:

Congratulations Team India!

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