Taking life lightly and being naughty is good but not always. There is a very thin line in between being naughty and being nasty, and also in between humor and humility,that people fail to notice and sometimes they cross that line.

But those people who cross that limit should always remember that Karma exists and it hits back. Agree or not, but we people receive what we give. And if you don’t believe in this theory, we have something that will make you start believing in Karma.


Recenlty a child from China was caught doing something nasty in an elevator and he thought that he would escape after doing so.


But little did the boy knew that Karma was keeping an eye on him. The child was using an elevator normally but don’t know what came into his mind that he opened his zip and started peeing on the buttons of the elevators.

The boy was unaware of the fact that the CCTV camera was keeping an eye on him. Due to peeing, the window of the elevator somehow malfunctioned and it stopped working and went completely dark.

The CCTV footage has gone viral and is making rounds on the internet. You can see this video being circulated on social media. Have a look at the video here:

People are trolling the guy very badly. Here are a few reactions from the people of social media:

Well, Karma exists and it hits back very badly. Don’t ever cross the line if you don’t want such things to happen with you.

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