This Hindu Family Rules 22,000 Sq.KMs In Pakistan. Their Chief Once Invited Their PM For An Open War


No doubt, Rajput Warriors have always been the pride of India for centuries. Not only these warriors have Kept the name of Mother India but also have proved their bravery time and again.

Today,  through this post we are going to tell you about one such Royal Rajput family living in Pakistan. This Rajput family is living there for three ages and are literally ruling there.


Pakistan has always been an enemy for India more than neighbors but this Rajput family has been giving waves of fears to Pakistan.


Complete Pakistan has got fear of this Rajput family residing there since the Mughal’s invasion. The trend of Rajputs giving a tough fight to their enemies seems like is getting taken forward by this Rajput family.

Rana Hamir Singhji Sodha is the name of the Rajput tiger roaring in Pakistan. He belongs to the Umerkot Dynasty Rajput pariwaar and is the successor of the former Hindu ruler of Umerkot Late Rana Chander Singh Sodha.

Rana Hamir Singhji Sodha is in Politics. He held the portfolios of Agriculture and Science & Technology as the minister during the tenure of Pakistan’s PM Benazir Bhutto.

He was a three times MLA and is a well-known face there. He even has a Political Party of his own with the name, Pakistan Hindu Party (PHP). Not only the name is appealing but he himself designed the party’s flag in Safron color and it had the symbols of Trishool & Om.

And if this wasn’t enough, he once gave an open Challenge to the Prime Minister of Pakistan for an open war. Till date, there’s not a single man in Pakistan who can stand against this Rajput Tiger.

Listen to his words in the following video, which will surely give you goosebumps all over.

With a Tikka on his forehead and a saffron turban on his head, In the video he says that he is not a traitor, not a smuggler or a robber. He is not using any government’s money and he is not here for any illegal business that he needs to be scared of Pakistan which threatens him constantly. He declares that Pakistan cannot threaten him in the name of religion as Rajput blood cannot be threatened by anyone.

Although he is living in Pakistan, he still maintains links with India especially with Rajasthan as it is the home of many of his “Sodha Rajputs.”

After his father’s death, he became his successor. His coronation ceremony was one gala event.

“His coronation, held at the playground of Govt. Boys’ High School, drew a large number of elders from the community and the local elite. People belonging to different faiths turned up to watch the event. The ceremony began with the entry into Mithi of a convoy of hundreds of vehicles from Rana Jagir (Rana’s native village near Umerkot).When the caravan stopped at the old Naka (checkpoint), two girls sang aarti in praise of a deity during which worshippers held a platter containing incense”.

Rana Hamir Singhji Sodha and his family have always worked for the betterment and upliftment of Hindus living in Pakistan. They have always taken stand against all the conspiracy Pakistan has ever plotted against India. But still due to the Pakistani Government negligence towards Hindus living in this area, many Hindus have left this area. Once Parvez Mussharaf once tried to gun down this Rajput family but failed miserably.

Rana Hamir Singhji Sodha is a rolemodel and an inspiration for every Indian.

People in India especially Hindus are always living with a threat hanging on our heads from Pakistan based terrorists.

A big Salute to this Rajput Tiger from