If you are active on social media, then you must be aware about the freezing cold weather in the US. People have flooded the social media with pictures and videos showing the freezing cold weather and the pictures are jaw-dropping. These pictures and videos have left everyone in shock.

Although, netizens are loving these pictures and videos but we can’t even imagine how people in US are surviving with this danger.


Here, in this article we bring you some pictures that went super-viral on social media and reflects the freezing weather in US perfectly. Have a look :

1. Well this one is really shocking as the toilet tank exploded in a house in Minnesota. We just can’t even imagine what would happen if explosion happened anywhere else.


2.You can see steam rising over the Chicago River because of polar vortex in subzero temperatures.

3.This picture is of the very famous lake, Lake Michigan in Chicago.

4.After it rained heavily for two days, this mold came out.

5. Another picture of the same lake :

6. Well a fire-fighter is never off duty! Kudos to this man who was working in -40 degree Polar vortex.

7. This picture of freezing car door is really giving us chills.

8. What a view, but so damn chilling!

9. A pedestrian clicking a picture of the Chicago River.

10. Freezing eyelashes became a new trend and the pictures went super-viral.


12. Well you can well imagine the level of cold, if they are setting train tracks on fire to warm them up.13. Well this is what happens when you blow bubbles in the freezing weather.

14. We can clearly know just by looking at this inside picture of closed doors.

15. Well this one is horrible.

16. Frozen Lake Michigan again.

17. A man walking on a road in the whiteout winter storm.

18. Frozen chicken eggs.

19. When you heat your car in this chilly weather, this is what it feels like.

20. Even toilet papers are freezing.

21. Going to daycare.

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