If anything is more popular than our Prime Minister Modi are his weird and awkward hugs. It’s no secret anymore that how much our Prime Minister loves hugging his other counter parts. Even on the occasion of ‘hug day’ people celebrated the day by tagging each other on the pictures of Narendra Modi hugging the other world leaders of the world.


From Donald Trump to Obama to Mark Zuckerberg, Narendra Modi has hugged every world leader and famous personality.


It won’t be the first time, when Narendra Modi is making the news for his weird hugs but in the past there have been many instances which are enough to prove our point that our Prime Minister loves hugging.

Recently, the President of France Emmanuel Macron, who is currently visiting India.And like always Prime Minister Modi was present at the airport with his ‘bear hug’ ready for the President.

President Emmanuel gave a warm hug back to Narendra Modi but what caught everyone’s attention were the hilarious yet creepy expressions of the French President. A particular picture of them both has gone viral on social media, have a look at the picture and you will understand why:

That creepy smile is enough to send chills down someone’s spine. Hats-off to the photographer for contributing into the world of memes. Twitteratis once again accelerated to show their extraordinary ‘meme-making’ skills. Have a look at some of the most hilarious ones we found on the internet:











Which one was your favorite?

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