These Are The 8 Most Dangerous And Heavily Guarded Borders In The World


Every country on this planet is dealing with it’s own shares of problems and conflicts. But there are a few countries for whom the troubles begin from at their very borders.

We all know that Historical rivalry, economic inequalities, and disputes between neighboring nations makes borders between them unsafe and for the same reasons International borders are often militarized and crawling with defensive forces, but still there are some countries that have the most dangerous borders in the world.

Here, we bring a list of those countries that beat the rest and whose borders are the most dangerous in the world :

1. Thailand and Cambodia:


The Preah Vihar temple stands as an object of conflict between Cambodia and Thailand. Both the countries believe that the are belongs to them but the area was technically awarded to Cambodia by the International Court of Justice. However, Thailand believes that there is any misunderstanding caused only by a map that was incorrectly drawn when the French occupied Cambodia.

The conflicts still continue along with the heavily armed border forcing many local people to flee and seek refuge elsewhere.

2. India and Pakistan:


Since, the partition of 1947, which saw thousand and lakhs die, both the countries has fought 3 wars and 25 years of dispute over Kashmir. A line of control (LOC) is still active with portions of Kashmir under the control of both the countries. Despite of multiple attempts for peace, the dispute between both the countries don’t seem to end and have also amassed significant nuclear weaponry only increasing pre-existing tensions.

The India-Pakistan border is 1,800 miles of heavily guarded and extremely dangerous border. This border is so heavily guarded that it is the only border seen from space due to the high voltage flood lights on the Indian side.

3. Nigeria and Chad:


One of the deadliest terror group Boko Haram has occupied the area making it one of the most volatile border in the world. Chad had sent multiple troops to ease the conflict in the border regions of Bosso but it resulted in more than 17000 of locals fleeing the region. Both nations have also known to combine operations to fight off the menace.

4.Afghanistan and Pakistan:


The border between Pakistan and Afghanistan is called the Durand Line and stretches for 1,510 miles. This disputes on this border date back over so many  and in recent times the border is disputed by the Talibanis. The region of Kabul has always been fraught with the confusion for a long time that they did not recognized the Durand line as their separation with Pakistan. However, United Nations has claimed that around 1.7 million refugees from Afghanistan are currently residing in Pakistan.

Apart from this, Pashtuns, people who live both in Pakistan and Afghanistan have been asking for a separate Pashtunistan for themselves, which is creating further conflict in this region.

5. North Korea and South Korea:


The conflict between South Korea and North Korea is due to the reputation of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un. The border between both the countries is known as the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) which is a 160-mile boundary between North and South korea.

The conflicts have been warring for more than 60 years now and thousands of people have died because of this conflict. Anyone who tries to cross the line is shot dead without any interrogation.

6. Sudan and South Sudan:


The border state of Sdanese has been a site for many conflicts between these nations. Both nations have had a 22-year long civil war, in which about 50,000 were counted dead and thousands displaced from the region.

Both the nations are trying hard to gain control over southern Kardofan and have heavy deployments in the regions.

7. Colombia and Ecuador:


The conflicts between these two countries arose when the Ecuadorian government insisted that the Colombian military had no business crossing the border. And the conflicts were further flamed when Colombia accused Ecuador of harbouring terrorists.

Revolutionary Armed Forces, the Colombian rebel group have caused widespread destruction in the region and burrowed into Ecuador. The government of Columbia has been sending troops to the region to deal with the FARC. The violent methods utilised by the FARC has forced many people to leave their lands from this region.

8. USA and Mexico:


This border shared by Mexico and USA is very infamous for illegal immigration and has gained global attention recently after Donald Trump’s emphasis on his desire to build a wall. Because of illegal immigration several hundreds of people are shot dead every year.

The most dangerous region is El Paso Juarez region which is known for drug trafficking and smuggled goods. These problems has also contributed to the increased conflicts in the area.

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